Studying at PRECE

Studying at PRECE
Students from PRECE study together under the juazeiro tree in small groups using cooperative learning

Monday, October 4, 2010


I don’t know much about financial investments, and I am hopeless when it comes to the stock market. My granddaddy bought me stocks when I was 16 (thank you, granddaddy!). Twice (maybe 4 times- I don’t remember!) a year I receive a dividend check, and at the end of the year I get some sort of tax form that I send to my father with the rest of my tax information. That’s all I know. My sister considers me pathetic and irresponsible with my stocks. She is right. But, I do know one thing. All the experts say that when it comes to financial investments it is wise to diversify. Obviously I don’t follow that wisdom, but I know they say it.

I don’t think that the same is true when investing in non-profits and when investing in the lives of people who deeply need support. Many churches establish mission trips for their members that allow the members to experience different people, places and cultures around the world. One year they go to Mexico. The next they go to Haiti. The following they go to Kenya. The members are changed by the experiences, but they never make a real investment in the lives of the people they meet because they do not build lasting relationships.

The PRECE movement has made a true investment in the poor rural communities of Ceará and in the public education of all students. Once a school (EPC) is developed, the school continues to receive support from other EPCs. Once a student enters the university he/she continues to receive support from the wide community of students. Once a student graduates from the university he/she continues to support his/her community by bringing new knowledge and experience to the area. The PRECE movement invests in the lives of people and then supports those investments as they grow and develop.

In the same way, leaders from the PRECE movement continually speak about how important it is for friends from around the world to make a true investment in the lives of the PRECE students by visiting more than once and continuing to develop relationships. Without the foundation for the relationship (meeting each other) trust cannot be built and real investments cannot be made. A group or a person who visits once and then disappears leaves a bit of a void. But, the church or group that continues to nurture relationships and return every year builds up hope and trust.

This past weekend/week one such individual came to visit PRECE. Dan Smith began investing in the PRECE movement over 3 years ago by helping to provide computers and internet access. He has not abandoned the relationship but continues to have conversations with Andrade, visit and speak with PRECE students and explore new and creative ways to ensure the internet is working, accessible and providing a much needed resource for the students. We are thankful for people like Dan Smith and so many others who continue to invest in the lives of the PRECE students and in the PRECE movement as a whole.

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