Studying at PRECE

Studying at PRECE
Students from PRECE study together under the juazeiro tree in small groups using cooperative learning

Monday, December 6, 2010

Congratulations Wagner Gomes and ADEL

As most of you have read before, a really amazing organization by the name of ADEL (The Local Economic Development Agency) was developed by PRECE students and has had great success in introducing economic development to the rural communities. Recently ADEL's President, Wagner Gomes, won the Social Enterprenuer of the Future award from Folha de Sao Paulo (Brazil's biggest newspaper). Congratulations Wagner and ADEL!!! Read below to learn more about ADEL as well as the award:

ADEL is a social organization founded by a group of young adults who were completing their college courses at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). These students were all born and raised in small rural communities of Pentecoste and Apuiarés in the state of Ceará. When these young adults were still living in their hometown communities which offered very few opportunities for educational advancement and social mobility they luckily had access to PRECE. The method of cooperation learned through PRECE continued to be of value for these young adults. While attending their undergraduate courses in the areas of economics, agriculture, engineering and geography the students continued to return to their communities using the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they were learning toward local development programs in their communities.

ADEL’s mission is to enhance and articulate knowledge, talent and opportunities in support of economic and social development of communities and territories across the state of Ceará forming cooperative networks of knowledge and ongoing technical support for social and productive enterprises. ADEL believes that sustainable economic development involves the formation of human resources and social capital in communities and territories so that the local individuals themselves are able autonomously and efficiently use the potential and opportunities available to them. One of the ways the young adults found to generate income is through opening small businesses. ADEL encourages entrepreneurial methods which empower young people to enter the work world. With the entrepreneurial culture included as part of their experiences the young adults will be better able to identify and realize their professional, educational and social projects and opportunities. Therefore, since 2007 ADEL has been investing in the training of young adults in Apuiarés and Pentecoste.

The Youth Entrepreneurship and Microcredit Project (one of ADEL's programs) aims to promote entrepreneurship and the development of young adults in the rural areas of Pentecoste and Apuiarés through the installation of a micro-credit program for the rural youth who have participated in ADEL. Micro-credit is the missing ingredient to closing the continual cycle of poverty in the rural poor communities where young adults often cannot find any other alternative source to generate income. ADEL expects this final action and implementation of the projects will create an agency of micro-credit formed by young adults, for young adults and that will support their own initiatives in line with the development model for sustainability of local rural areas. They also hope to combat the exodus from rural areas as new companies allow young adults to remain in their areas following the principles of organic agriculture and generating income for their families and local communities.

Recently, ADEL's President, Wagner Gomes, won the Social Enterprenuer of the Future award from Folha de Sao Paulo. This award recognizes innovative ideas with strong potential for sustainability, social impact in local communities, and the ability to replicate and spread to other areas. Through this award, ADEL will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from SITAWI, an organization that offers consulting for social organizations, for 10 days and receive consulting and advice. Wagner Gomes will also receive a grant to attend post-graduate courses in NGO Administration and study of social projects.

In three short years ADEL has received numerous awards:

2009 and 2010 BrazilFoundation awards

2010 Award Rosani Cunha (second place), give by the Department of Social Development and Poverty Elimination (government agency).

2010 Award Partner Grade 100 - Tejucuoca County

2010 Certified Ecoefficient (Green) Organization by the Norteast Ecobusiness 2010

Congratulations go out to Wagner Gomes, ADEL and all those who continue to grow and develop the PRECE movement.

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